Students from many different fields can advance their careers faster by getting an MBA degree. But, the cost of getting such an education can be large. In this article, we will go over some affordable options for getting an MBA in the UK. The education costs are applicable for the residents of the UK or EU. All the programs listed below are full-time. The tuition fees are updated to reflect the most recent adjustments.

Ulster University

Universität Ulster

Students at this institution have an opportunity to listen to a wide variety of experienced guest lecturers. They can also learn from their practical experiences. Some of the speakers can share their experience of working for world-class companies, such as Microsoft. Ulster University promotes an interactive method of teaching. This method allows students to ask questions and hold discussions of their own.

University of the Highlands and Islands

This institution offers two different types of MBA. The primary focus is to prepare students for the future by teaching about technological advances. You can go through the syllabus and find out about the exact subjects covered throughout the program.

London South Bank University

This is one of the top-ranked institutions among the options that cost under 10 000 pounds in the UK. London South Bank University aims to encourage international students to apply and study there. The university has a focus on teaching most modern management principles. It also promotes approaching the subject from an international perspective. The graduates from London South Bank University go on to do great things as managers of international corporations. This learning institution teaches the principles of Virtual Work Management as well. Knowing these principles is the key to maintaining the stability of remote teams.

University of Gloucestershire

This university is focused on teaching students from many different perspectives. The guest lecturers come from various backgrounds as well. All these efforts help students learn from diverse experiences and be ready for many different business circumstances. The best part is, it costs under ten thousand pounds, so the students don’t go bankrupt while studying here.

Bath Spa University

This is a newly established learning institution. It costs very little, yet offers valuable knowledge and insights into the business world. Students of Bath Spa University can take part in exchange programs as well. They can get invaluable international experience free of cost. To learn more about the learning process and access a specific list of subjects, check out their official website.

London Metropolitan University

Students at this university will have the opportunity to try out experience-based learning. Most of the subjects cover the ethics and social responsibility of corporations. Most importantly, getting an MBA from London Metropolitan University doesn’t cost a lot. You will also get to live in London, which is a great experience on its own. But, living in the capital can be fairly expensive.

York St John University

This is a great institution for anyone interested in getting an inside look into the industry. The lecturers combine theoretical and practical assignments to facilitate learning. York St John University offers two distinct types of MBA.

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