The Best Cartoons of Our Century

Both adults and children love to watch cartoons, especially those that can hurt your heart. The choice of cartoons is so great that it can be quite difficult to choose a good cartoon. We decided to save you time and collect all the best cartoons together, just as BetAmo Casino collected all the best bets on its platform. Well, we proceed to our top.

„The Superfamily“ (2004)

A married couple of seasoned superheroes has not been engaged in saving the world for a long time. Mr. Exceptional works for an insurance company, and his wife Helen has given birth to three children. All family members have superpowers: for example, daughter Violetta can become invisible and form a protective field, and Dash runs at the speed of light. But the Exceptional death as tired of his work, and he goes back to the old – saves the world from danger. „The Incredibles“ won the Academy Award not only for the best-animated film but also for the best sound editing.

„The Superfamily – 2“ (2018)

In the first part, the superfamily saved the world from the villain, but in the new part, public figures became worried – they say that saving the world by superheroes causes too much damage. As a result, the superfamily has to first hide and then win the love of people all over the world again. In addition, there are also conflicts within the family: Mrs. Exceptional draws all the attention to herself, and her husband has to stay at home with the children. But all problems, of course, fade into the background when it comes to saving the world.

„Spider-Man: Across the Universes“ (2018)

It was this cartoon that stole the Oscar in 2019 from the second part of the „Superfamily“. We all know Spider-Man (whose name is Peter Parker) from feature films, but this is a story about Miles Morales. What if parallel worlds also have their own superheroes who can release a magic web and at the same time save the world? What do they look like and how do they differ from the well-known ones? Miles will have to find out all this.

„Ratatouille“ (2007)


A rat named Remy loves to cook and has amazing abilities in this business, but other rats – his relatives – of course, do not share his hobbies and believe that he is engaged in nonsense. One day Remy finds himself in the kitchen of a real French restaurant, where he gets the opportunity to really test his abilities and cook his favorite dish, while simultaneously helping a young man named Linguini. The eighth cartoon of the Pixar animation studio won an Oscar in 2008.

„Moana“ (2016)

Moana is the daughter of the leader of a small tribe living on an island in the Pacific Ocean. She has a fighting character, and she dreams of going on a big sea voyage. The circumstances are developing for her as well as possible: terrible monsters live in the ocean, which does not give rest to the inhabitants of the islands. She persuades the demigod Maui to swim with her. By the way, in the original version, he is voiced by actor Dwayne Johnson.

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